Do not send them notes/messages/pms etc to bully or bait them.
If I see you witch hunting/bothering anyone on this list I will block and report you. 

Do not Sale/trade/gift these users any of my designs or closed species.

If they own designs where I have done artwork they CANNOT add the cost of that art to the designs worth. 

- MelonMilk/Melonmilky/Melon_milky etc...-

Please do not give them any design by me or any of my CS.
They do not have permission to change or edit my designs or art that they do have.

- Aphyxi/ Aphyxiart /BuuGyo/Gwiihan - 

lying - Breaking my TOS  ( Editing a character without approval

For the editing they used to be a mod of my CS and knew of my TOS/ should be aware of it the edit was for Tsuki listed below. 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Tsuki / nitocris (TH/FA) / nitocris-crossing (DA) / Delquaza (Old UN ) -

Breaking my TOS ( Trying to sell a trade, Editing a character without asking for approval.) - Harassment - Lying 

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Cigaretteburns (FA/TH)/charmless-prince (DA)(Inactive/changed accounts.)-

- They have changed their name a lot and you can view them here.

Breaking my TOS. - Lying to me about breaking my TOS,

* Note any user who change their username a lot, I will still list out their older names for a time, to ensure all my TOS/Rules are being followed I will put the new one every-time I notice a change. 

© Hinata - 2016-2020
Part of Banana Milk Media 

Do not repost or redistribute my art -  Please use my social sites to reblog/retweet!

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