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Do not send them notes/messages/pms etc to bully or bait them.
If I see you witch hunting/bothering anyone on this list I will block and report you. 

Do not Sale/trade/gift these users any of my designs or closed species.

If they own designs where I have done artwork they CANNOT add the cost of that art to the designs worth. 

- Aphyxi/ Aphyxiart /BuuGyo/Gwiihan - 

lying - Copying (1) - Breaking my TOS  ( Editing a character without approval

In the copying link * On Left is a character I own designed by FrenkyHW the character on the bottom belongs to Junniebeans and was designed by me. The character on right is a clear copy of the two on the side. The character on the right is rehomed and being redesigned by me. 

For the editing they used to be a mod of my CS and knew of my TOS/ should be aware of it the edit was for Tsuki listed below. 

 - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Tsuki / nitocris (TH/FA) / nitocris-crossing (DA) / Delquaza (Old UN ) -

Breaking my TOS ( Trying to sell a trade, Editing a character without asking for approval.) - Harassment - Lying 

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Cigaretteburns (FA/TH)/charmless-prince (DA)(Inactive/changed accounts.)-

- They have changed their name a lot and you can view them here.

Breaking my TOS. - Lying to me about breaking my TOS,

* Note any user who change their username a lot, I will still list out their older names for a time, to ensure all my TOS/Rules are being followed I will put the new one every-time I notice a change.