Kitto or Jo || Male || Tᴀᴋᴇɴ || 
ENG ★ 日本語 

Location: OKC

Age: 26 : April 2nd

Gender: Male [Any pronouns OK]

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Ram

Briggs type: Unsure currently

Pets: Mako: A small feline son


  I've always been bad at this sort of thing but I'll try my best to describe myself. I'm a small time artist who loves a lot of things. I started drawing anime inspired art after watching shows like Inuyasha. I've been a professional artist for over three years, making everything from illustrations to logos. 

  I tend to love all kinds of art, my wife is a photographer and sometimes I sneak off with her camera to test my own skills. I also write and am working currently on a book series. There's never a day that passes that I don't have a new project lined up. 

  Most of my free time is spent with my wife and cat son, playing video games or just watching a horror movie. 


:: Video games , Anime/Manga , Comics , cold weather ,
coffee , tea, Chicken nuggets,apples.

:: Hot weather , shitty people , being sleepy , being sick




:: Current Fandoms ::

tales of series,Mystic Messanger,
The Ancient Magus' Bride , Harry Potter, Yuri!!! on Ice , Skyrim, Voltron , Haikyuu , Hunter x Hunter , Hannibal , CP Series , Marval+ sometimes DC , WOW , Zelda , Pokemon , General video game stuff/and Nintendo stuff , Bojack Horseman , Gravity Falls.  



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