Can I use your art for -- (icon,wallpaper, etc..)?::

It depends what image it is. If it's not in the fanart section feel free to use the images as icons, wallpapers, headers and so on. Please just include me in the credit. If you don't I'll ask you to remove your image until you fix the problem. 

However if the image isn't fanart you cannot use it unless it was made for you. While private things are fine (IE wallpapers) but you cannot use it as a icon, header and so on.

Can I edit, trace and overall copy your art?::

Feel free to trace for PRIVATE/EDUCATION use only. Though tracing my art to learn means you will be tracing my mistakes. Please consider learning from real life images, there are a ton of stock that you can learn from!

As for editing that's a strong NO. If It's fanart please contact me for permission.

Copying? It really depends on what you are copying, poses? Style? Both feel free I cannot claim those things. however if it's copying the art in full or stealing characters is a NO.

Are you open for?::

Commissions: Yes

Trades: No/Friends Only

Requests/Gifts: Friends Only

Will you do ______ for my project?::

Feel free to contact me but please know if it's not a paid part than unless you are my friend I will not accept. I'm sorry but my time is worth something.

Can I print out your art?::

For personal use? Yes.

To make anything for profit? No. I will file a DMCA if you do no mater if you commissioned the art from me or not, you cannot use my art for profit.

Who is Kitto?::

Kitto is my mascot! They arn't a persona though I do use kitto as a nickname!

What programs/tools do you use?::

Paint tool sai and Photoshop.

Intros pro.

© Hinata - 2016-2020
Part of Banana Milk Media 

Do not repost or redistribute my art -  Please use my social sites to reblog/retweet!

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